Who doesn’t like science?

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  It amazes me that the youths of today don’t find science interesting. How can children not be curious about their surroundings? A toddler’s first sentence is very often, ‘What’s that?’ and they will point at everything they come across, until the cute game becomes quite annoying.
 At what age does our thirst for knowledge fade? Does it vanish, or is it set aside while we develop social skills?
 Once children enter the school system, they are bombarded with new facts. Their minds are saturated and the thirst is quenched. Once they reach puberty, other thirst need quenching.
 It wasn’t until middle age that my insatiable quest for science knowledge hit its peak. My children have grown up, leaving me more time to look for answers. The internet supplies vast amounts of facts to anyone who makes the effort to look; so why aren’t they looking? Check out the link provided.
 Here’s an idea: each day a science question would need to be answered correctly to gain access to a phone. Research would need to be done from another source. I bet teenagers would race to the library to be the first through the doors when it opens in the morning.
 If we could incorporate science instead of violence into an X-Box 360 game, that would hook a few more.
 We must improve how we educate our children so they can compete with the rest of the planet.
 The nerds shall inherit the Earth.