Mammoth meat, the new beef.

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 I think this is a good idea. Think about it; WOOLLY Mammoths are covered with what must be wool. Think of all those poor sheep that freeze to death after being sheared. One mammoth could save the lives of several sheep. The meat alone could solve the the problem of famine all over the planet. And those ivory tusk could make pianos affordable enough, everyone will be able to own one. The planet will be filled with music. Cloning mammoths could change the world.
 Now some critics will claim that we shouldn’t do this. I will try to convince them we should.
1) Extinct animals should not be cloned. I say everyone should get a second chance, even mammoths; after all, some think we we’re the reason they disappeared in the first place. Maybe Noah just didn’t have enough room on the Ark, they are very big animals.
2) If we clone one extinct creature, we will want to clone others. So…wouldn’t you want to own your own Giant Sloth? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? What about Neanderthals? We could use them as slaves…to raise the mammoths. They should know how.
3) There won’t be enough food to feed the enormous beast. Just clone some ancient tree or shrub they like to eat (duh).
4) Mammoths died out at the time the glaciers receded, they couldn’t survive Climate Change (Global Warming). That’s why you shear them (double duh).
I hope you enjoyed my little poke. It was all in fun. Actually I don’t condone enslaving cloned subspecies of Man. Neanderthals are people too.