About Dale

Dale started writing in his mid-forties without even knowing how to type. A book from the local library and two days of practice sped up his goal, but he still needed help from others with writing skills, something rare in the rural area he lives. He approached the retired editor of the local newspaper, and then drove fifty miles to the nearest writing group he could find. Eventually he found The Adirondack Center for Writing at Paul Smith’s College located in the Adirondacks of New York. There he met other authors who have reached their dreams and he learned from them, he also met literary agents and publishers who taught him the industry.

Once his first draft was finished he realized he needed and editor. $1,600 dollars and a year later his novel, “The Second Intelligent Species: The Cyclical Earth” was ready for publication. He decided to self-publish. Once frowned on by the literary world, doing it yourself became the way to go for someone who is new to the world of books. Kindles are all over the planet and the prices meant buying a work from an unknown would get him readers he would otherwise never see going the traditional method of getting an agent and publisher.

While doing free promotions his novel made it up to number three and four top best seller in the dystopian, science fiction adventure categories. Rankings in actual sales are proving harder to climb, but are steady. With nearly three thousand books out into the world, he has reached readers in Europe.

The reviews are coming in and it seems many like the story and his writing voice.
His book is available on Amazon and the eBook is available on Kindle.