Marketing My Next Novel

Dale Langlois Writing

Author photo for the back cover of “The Overview Effect, A New Perspective”. Sci Fi for the Working Guy Photo Roger Fournier

I have less than one year before I can retire and draw my pension and social security. Most would take advantage of an opportunity to leave work as early as possible. Of course, I am not like most people and have selfish reasons for staying another three years. Sure, it would behoove me to stay till sixty-five and get my thirty-year pension with higher social security, but money isn’t the reason I might stay longer. Money isn’t the reason I write either.

There are two reasons I may continue working:

First of all, I laugh out loud every day, even though some of the jobs are in terrible environments. We are covered in dust and sweat nearly every day in the summer, in the winter, the sweat is replaced with snow, (dust and snow). Minor injuries are understood as a daily thing, (banged knuckles, small burns, skinned shins) there is nothing soft to land on should one make a missed step. Still, we are all in this together and we look out for each other. Humor and gentle chiding keep the work fun. One needs thick skin out in the work area as well as in the break rooms.

Secondly and most selfishly: When I self-published my first novel, I had the help of some of my co-workers as Beta readers, (my Alpha Team) whom I thanked in the Acknowledgments. I have Beta readers I see every day. I am picking up more as the new story evolves. Not all those who are helping me are readers. Most don’t read. I am trying to change that. I tell them what the story is about, but I need to read my audience. If someone in the room doesn’t want to hear “about my writing” then that isn’t a topic of discussion. But every now and then, the time is right and the people in the lunchroom are open minded and empathetic to my dream of becoming a full-time novelist after I retire, I get to talk about my story of a world turned upside down from the inside out…literally.

Progress report: 25,000 words. Goal: 55,000 words

Marketing plan: Place my first novel in each lunchroom and the main offices at work, let them know I have done it before. Get to know all the new guys. Get a buzz going, (about the story) get as many interested as possible before I finish. In doing so, I will get a few hundred pre-sales before the new book launches officially.

The people I mention in the Acknowledgements of my next published work will be many, but I’m sure I will miss someone because I have only so much space and so many have helped me. Thank you all for your help.

I hope you enjoy the read

The Beave.