One Door Closes; Another Opens

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Game Changer

First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped me from the time I hit the ground, to those who will help me in the future. The guys at work, (Sci-Fi for the Working Guy beta readers many) proved why we call ourselves brothers. In the greatest pain of my short life so far, they held my hands and kept my spirit high. They literally carried my ass a quarter of a mile out of the pits of Hell, (ask anyone who has worked there) to the ambulance (which can’t go into our area due to the magnetic field). Thanks everyone for their support, prayers, and thoughts. Now to the point: Of course, I have a story to tell.

Less than two decades ago, my back gave me problems that required surgery and a lengthy recovery. I began writing, not knowing how or why, it was something I did to break the boredom of healing. After my spine healed, I found I liked writing, even though I didn’t know how. I just liked the story I was telling. After a while the word count looked like a good short story, (which I had never written) but had a long way to go before it was a saleable story. So, I kept writing. I didn’t know plot, how many words needed or how to sell it. All I had were words on a zip-drive.

Slowly I learned how to craft the words and turn them into stories, I will always learn that craft, it isn’t a gift, each trick is earned, every premeditated move learned. I studied how the industry works, the contacts that must be made, the platform that needs to be built. Most of all I learned that the story must be original, believable and honestly written.

“The Second Intelligent Species: The Cyclical Earth” was written because of a back injury. “The Overview Effect: A New Perspective” will be finished due to a leg injury.

I guess I just needed a break.