Watch how fast science moves next year.

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2011 brought many new findings in many different fields of study.
When I asked my wife Charlene what she remembered most from last year, she mentioned all the falling stars lately. There are no more now than there ever was. Meteor showers are being announced more often by the media because we can more precisely predict them. The same goes for Man made satelites whose orbits decay. One can find out exactly where to look and when.
The CERN super collider in Europe has begun to collect data hinting that the Higgs boson may exist. This particle experiment will change the way we think about our perception of reality. New tecknologies and therories will come out because of this new way of looking at things.
NASA’s Kepler probe has found two planets in the Goldie Locks Zone. By the end of next year I’m betting we will have found a hundred fold.
On August 8th of next year the Mars Science Laboratory MSL, nicknamed Courisoty will land on the martain surface. We will learn even more with every mile it travels.
We’ve seen a comet pass through a part of the sun and survive.
We put the Space Shuttle to rest and opened the door for the age of commercial space travel.
2012 will not be the end of the world, but the dawn of a new age for science. I predict at least once this new year, you will be caught saying, “Isn’t that cool?”; I know I will.