My home town shook today.

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Around 2:30 pm today, the small town of Malone N.Y. shook. Workers at the local Walmart went outside to see if a truck had hit the building. Others thought it was a rare December thunder clap. Super sonic aircraft were the most probable suspect of the window rattling, but there is one other possibility.
A small asteroid entering the Earth’s atmosphere could cause a sonic boom, and if it exploded could cause a small pressure wave. The object need not be bigger than a softball, maybe even a baseball, tennis ball or a hockey puck.
The event was experienced as far as Huntington, Que.
I personally called the county fire control and the local state police for information, but they had none. I’m sure if aircraft inadvertantly caused a sonic boom, the state troopers would have been informed.
In May 2011 a meteor exploded near Virginia Beach and the result could be felt in neighboring states. In April one caused several calls to police and fire departments from Wisconsin to Missouri.
Small rocks from space are not uncommon, but an inigma to most people.
The next time you or your house are rattled by something, as long as your water heater hasn’t exploded, go outside and look up, if you can find a contrail in a clear sky, it probably was a meteor.
If the cause of today’s disturbance turns out to be a couple of military jets, I will look the fool. This is the risk I take as a writer.
Keep looking up.