Writing for my target market.

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In viewing my stats, I noticed when I write for the guys at work, my viewings increase. Could it be I do write sci-fi for the working guy? If so, then I should ask them to follow my blog. Many of them said they couldn’t post. Here’s how: You have to have a profile set up to one of your options below. If not you can’t post. When you hit post, you need to check Google, Yahoo or whatever. All I ask is easy on the jabs guys, I can take it, but remember some day I may make a living at this and will use you as a character in another book, and it won’t be pretty.
Just to fill you in on what I do while I’m not saving the smelter, I wanted to tell you my morning’s events.
  Awoke to a hunter’s dream: snow. I watch nickle sized flakes drift by my window. All white, not a sign of sand or slush. A cold south wind blows the flakes in a horizintal fashion. Meanwhile Elvis Costello is playing “Pump It Up” on 70s and 80s Classic Rock.
  I did the normal Face book thing.
  Talked to three artist about my book cover.
  Looked at some of my Alpha groups return material, edited most of it. Started getting bug-eyed when a flat bed truck went by with a white van (dented in on the front) on the back; I hope nobody got hurt.
  I looked out the window some more. The chickadees need more seed. Boy it’s beautiful up here. That’s when I took a break from revisions to do something fun: to write and tell of my morning.
 Now that this is done, I need to get the second two chapters ready for my Alpha team before I take a nap and pull two twelve hour night shifts.
  I have decided this is how I want to end my career: sitting in my underwear in front of the computer, looking at nature and writing about it.
  I wish I had a window at work. See you tonight boys.