I must write.

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Once again I am pondering a career in writing. I prefer to be lazy and play poker online, but after many post about climate change, evolution and reality, I must write again. The United States of America does not understand how the universe works. I don’t get it all either, but must share what I do.
This global warming/climate change thing is bugging me. How so many Americans can find ways to justify their ignorance amazes me. Why should political views change the ways we look at our changing environment? The air, animals, ice and mostly waters of the Earth can not lie. The facts are out there. We have polluted our ecosystem, our biosphere.
One of the folks I debate with is a self sufficient man. He could live on if society collapsed tomorrow. He still thinks all this climate change thing is political. I agree, it is. Big oil is still controlling his mind through propaganda aimed to keep the fossil fuels flowing.
He says I am controlled by politics. I am swayed only by the facts I observe, not conspiracy theories.
Please do the research.