One of those who taught me.

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One of the biggest distractions for a writer is Facebook. When we are having a problem finding our muse we look to our addictions. Today I found a photo of one of my science teachers from middle school. At that time every animal or plant got its nutrition from the sun, that is what he taught. It is what was known at the time. This has changed since I was in school. Now we know animals live by Chemosynthesis near volcanic vents at the places where tectonic plates rub against each other. The technology didn’t exist when those classes were taught. Not Mr. Reynolds fault, we hadn’t explored the sea.
Another thing I remember about his teaching was he talked about a machine that could measure the difference in the weight of a piece of paper with a dot on it; the machine could weigh the dot. I was amazed at how precise we were at measuring. That is exactly what science is, precise measuring. This exact measuring is how we see planets moving around stars millions of light years from us. We measure the light difference when the planet passes in in front if its star.
Mr. Reynolds, thank you for the spark, you opened my eyes.