Twas four nights before Christmas…

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  December 21st. There are plenty of things about Dec. 21st worthy of a spot on my calender.
  The most important, and I don’t need a reminder for this one. My sister will turn one year older on that day. Please, if you get her a birthday gift; do not wrap it in Christmas paper.
  Another thing about Dec. 21st: it is the shortest day of the year. The winter solstice signals winter’s beginning in the northern hemisphere.
  Second most important on the list will be the total eclipse of the Moon. (Check out the link on the right to learn how to watch.) Earth will completely block any direct sunlight from reflecting off our only natural satellite. The light making the surface visible, will be strained through Earth’s atmosphere, giving not only unpredictable colors, but casting our planet’s shadow on a place it seldom falls. Contrary to popular belief, the phases of our Moon are not caused by the shadow of our planet, but by the angle it receives the Sun’s light.
  The Mayan’s calender ends two years from this date, and some believe the world will come to an end, (if you choose to follow the hype). I still have a shelter to build, but my wife has such a long to-do list, I don’t know when I’ll get to it.
  Oh yes, one more thing, you’ll only have three more shopping days till Christmas, because you stayed out to watch the moon disappear, while you could have been shopping. I’ll see you at Walmart.
  Happy and safe holidays to everyone. Peace to all Mankind.

  Thought for the New Year: What if we ended every letter and document with the phrase, “Peace to all Mankind.” Would that be enough to change attitudes?