Controversy! You want controversy?

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  OK here it is.
  I told you I talk to the guys at work. Last night shift, the conversation turned philosophical, as it usually does when I and my toughest critic Paul are in the same room. Some of the guys are Men of faith; Paul and I are Men of science. With the holiday season at our doorstep, naturally the true meaning of Christmas came up. After that, the existence of God, and then the evolution of Man were discussed. As you can imagine, there were conflicting opinions.
  Because there is a great deal of respect among us for each other, the discussion remained civil. We agreed to disagree.
  I would never try to change one’s faith, so when we came to impasse, the conversation gradually changed to another subject.
  With this post, I have an audience who may share more of my ideas, because they choose to be here looking at my ramblings, I suspect they need to know the facts of proof just as I do.
  I cannot say I am not a man of faith, because I have faith in the scientist who pick apart the data. Don’t I have faith in the results being delivered by the super computers in which most theorems are based?
  In a sense we are all people of faith in one way or another.
  My Christmas wish: (or Holiday wish, or whatever you believe or don’t believe. Does it really matter?) is we practice being more tolerant, wear the other guys shoes for a minute. Understanding only takes a few minutes of listening.
  My advice for the new year: Give your children chores and discipline. Then give them a pat on the back, acknowledge they’re there. And last: Contribute to society, don’t sponge off it; pull your own weight.
  The world can change, it has in the past, it will again: as can our appreciation for it.
  Check out the link to the right, “DNA says new human relatives…” These studies are where my beliefs come from.
  Have Happy Holidays. Peace to all Mankind.