Time for a re-boot.

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

Within a week, America should know who their leader is. I feel we have not been led as much as steered, but then again, aren’t the reigns being pulled from so many angles? These United States of America don’t know which way to go. Each Governor acts on their own out of necessity only to be criticized. These States were conceived United; 13 together, with more to follow. We persevere. It ain’t always pretty.

What are the big differences that are making this nation so polarized? Guns, Abortion, LGBT rights, the list goes on and on down to if mask work or don’t.

Who is to gain and what is their angle? We are being divided as a Nation by memes and false information. Our attention span is down to fractions of a second. Algorithms track what we look at one day, then bombard us with more of the same. Soon we see to the right or the left, little in between. Our children, our future are being taught from these same computers that hold these short interruptions a new tab away. I fear for the future. We are handing the intelligence of a generation to algorithms controlled by who knows.

Why must money or someone else’s business be more important than following one’s own moral compass? We all know right from wrong.

I suggest we put down our phones, look at our loved ones, the night sky, or only a bug eating another bug in real time. Have a debate about things without googling it, nobody likes that. Listen to music and do pointless arts and crafts. Live life a little farther from your phone. They know our weakness.