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Dale Langlois Uncategorized

NICK and BETH want for nothing except more time together. Nature deals the Earth a blow leaving them alone in a world not seen for sixty five million years. Most of Man’s creations and luxuries are reduced to charred rubble.
The Earth has been cleansed by fire. The sun is obscured, making day indistinguishable from night.
Man’s cruelty in times of disaster surfaces immediately, leaving cities to be avoided. Water soon becomes a commodity worth killing for.
The pair meet others; a clan develops in which each member contributes in the struggle for survival.
65 million years ago an impact along with increased vulcanism created a mass extinction event. Should history repeat itself in our time, what would it be like?
Soon technology will prevent this from occurring, until then don’t think it couldn’t.
Life has a way of surviving impacts, it did and evolved in the past; it could again.