500th new planet.

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Can you believe it? I remember when there were only Nine of them. At least there was when I was in high school. Yes now there are eight with the reclassification of Pluto; eight that orbit around our star we call the Sun. Now remember the moons that orbit those planets. There are over one hundred and fifty, with Jujpiter and Saturn owning over a hundred by themselves. Some of these contain oceans of liquid water covered by miles of ice. Water has been found on our Moon as well, in the form of ice. In fact its been found to be extremely common everywhere, even in asteroids, and especially in comets.
Now look what we’re finding. 500 more? Most of those planets are super gas giants, some much bigger than Jupiter. Some orbit their star every few days making them unable to support any chance of life due to the extreme temperatures. So far the one most similar to our planet is still about three times the mass of Earth. Multiply your weight by three and see how long you walk around.
If our eight planets have over one hundred and fifty moons, how many would five hundred planets have?
Beave’s Math class
Most stars have planets+ most planets have moons+ water seems to be everywhere+ life as we know it needs water to exist= the universe is flourishing with life.
I hope I live long enough for it to be proven.
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