Taking a sabbatical.

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

What is a Sabbatical? Many professionals like professors, teachers, doctors and writers take them to get away to do some kind of research pertaining to their field of study, or just to put all their effort into achieving a goal. Usually this break is followed by a publication of some sort. Before a request is made for paid Sabbatical Leave, a proposal for results must be submitted.
I have submitted my proposal to my wife and she came up with a counter offer I couldn’t refuse. She said if I even attempted to do half of the things on her honey-do list, I could do what ever I wanted the rest of the winter.
“But, I need to spend some time with the Beave too,” I whined. I hate to work around the house.
“Then get him to help you, and it will take less time,” she said.

I will be away from this blog for a while, but Beave may take over, I have to get the house ready for winter. Since we both study nature, he should get his share of the writing anyway. If this is freaking you out, what do you think it is doing to me?

I will be switching writing styles on this blog. I live in the Adirondacks. Hunting and trapping are a lifestyle to some here in the cold north. If you have read my book you will see where it relates. I know it will have a small target audience, but they say write what you know.
The Beave knows the woods, I will write about his adventures…I guess? The Beave and I have a partner for the trapping season, I haven’t asked his permission to use his name yet so we will wait on that.

We will be in the woods from now till the cold drives all three of us back to the heat of the wood stove.
To know you have a split personality is half the battle.