Should I do it again?

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

The link above has inspired me to write about a dilemma that has been bugging me for some time now. As the title of this post ask, should I do it again?
When “The Second Intelligent Species” was conceived, I had nothing better to do, being laid up and stuck inside due to back surgery. Today; here I sit typing, inside and healthy. I should be out looking for mushrooms, (still learning) fishing with grandkids or setting up my tree-stands for deer hunting…but here I sit…typing. Who have I become? The guys at work are noticing my lack of a tan. “You don’t get out much do you Beave?” You can’t hide much from the guys you shower with.
Before I decide if I will be a one hit wonder, or a career writer praised by millions, I have made a decision.
I am taking a week off, to see what doing nothing for promotion will do, again this is an experiment. Coincidently this experiment coincides with both my wife’s vacation and mine.
Plans for my vacation: explore some old buildings back in the woods, catch enough fish for a couple meals, clean up my back yard, (but only some of it) go camping in Mass with relatives and the rest depends on which way the wind blows.
If you are a follower or a liker of the book, especially if you have read it, this week will be yours. Like it or hate it. Promote it for me while I’m on vacation, (please and thank you) in this way, I will see how my lack of promoting will effect stats.
I am still learning.