Why I Don’t Believe in the Pseudo Sciences


I don’t believe in ghosts any more than I believe in Bigfoot, crop circles or aliens.


“Why?”  You might ask, “You are a science fiction writer.”


I need proof. Nothing has been proven to support Bigfoot, ghosts or crop circles. There is no proof of ancient aliens, and why would a more intelligent species than ours travel the great distances needed to come here? What do we have that any superior race needs that isn’t already out there in the universe? The elements here on earth are everywhere else; why travel so far to get them? If all they want is to probe our anuses, there are some perverted aliens out there!


No I don’t think any of the conspiracy theories are true.  We did land on the moon, aliens are not among us and I do think this is Eden, but I don’t believe in angels.
Dale LangloisWhy I Don’t Believe in the Pseudo Sciences