Why do I do what I do?

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

I spend my spare time, and some say I have too much of it, doing things other people never found an interest in.

I like to go into the woods albeit most times on a side-by-side with my wife, or once in a while by myself on foot, but either way, I’m looking for treasures.

The local fauna has always been a magnet to me as a past trapper and trapping instructor. Now I turn my attentions to the flora of my area, also the fungi that grows everywhere. Still learning at age sixty, I’m finding there are many wild edibles to enjoy and after doing research on fungi, it seems like there is far more to them than something one puts on pizza. There is strong medicine in those toadstools.

If you walk in nature, maybe you should know what you’re walking on.

Studding the history of where my wife and I live, I’ve discovered we live in a logging ghost town. There are several cellar sites to explore with permission to maybe find a buckle or an old penny. So far metal detecting, I have found five horseshoes, an ax, a flat iron, shotgun shells, clad coins, an old pocket-knife and enough nails to build a new home. All treasures to someone who is a swinger, (Someone who metal detects).

I fish the St Lawrence River, but release most of the fish we catch. I golf less than I want to, though the club is less than five miles away. I hunt, but seem to eat a lot of store bought food.

I write things nobody reads, but must keep at it.

Why do I do the things I do?

I guess I’m having fun. I can accept that.