“Why can’t you just quit the blog, and work on the book?”

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

  One of my associates at work asked me that very question just this morning. From her point of view, I would have asked the same question six years ago; actually, it hasn’t been a year since I’ve known about the importance of a blog or networking.
 What is networking? Every time I write a new blog, I put it on Facebook. I post on the walls of people who know more than I do about the writing industry, they are always happy to relate their experiences, and it doesn’t cost a dime. I go to workshops, and conferences where I meet literary agents, publishers and other professionals in the writing world. Like a tree, each connection branches out and may one day lead to a juicy piece of fruit: publication. At the very least, every person who reads your blog is a potential customer. Let’s face it, this is a business where the author is the inventor, packager, promoter and salesman for the product he has poured many hours of his and his families time into, not knowing if the time spent was or wasn’t in vain.
 The reason I blog is to prove to a potential agent or publisher that I can indeed write, and continue to do so without the fading of a faze set on by a mid-life crises. Plus, I like to write and tell stories. The more I do it, the better I’ll get at it. My critics will point out my flaws.
 From what I’ve been told, eventually if you talk to the right people, practice your craft till your fingers bleed, and catch a bit of luck, one may make a buck or two.
 As of yet, I haven’t seen a dime.