What intrigues you?

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  OK, now you know what floats my boat.
  I need to know what kind of science or what type of science fiction you would like to read about. Just to warn you, I won’t write about anything that isn’t scientifically possible, I’ll research as much as I can to make the story believable. Realize, when I start dealing with parallel universes, almost anything is possible.
  My subtitle is “Sci-fi for the Working Guy”. The people I bounce my ideas off, are the guys I work with. It has nothing to do with your employment or lack there of. The people I work with seldom follow science news. (I’m the geek of D-crew). I see them reading during breaks, or lunch. They know my interest, and hobbies. We talk.
  I know how they think, now I want to know how other readers think. What would you like to see, ask or postulate. Constructive criticisms are welcome too, I have thick skin. How will I learn if I don’t listen?
  The most difficult hurtle for me to clear was defining my genre. I write about the human species’ reaction to situations that occur in other universes, but I insist; I am a nature writer. We are just learning what the possible definition of nature could be. When I say “We”, I mean the human species.
  What kind of a mess would you put us through in the future?
  Original is a nearly impossible concept, but achievable.
  I thank all of you for looking in. 1000 hits today. I’m having fun, are you? Don’t be afraid to comment, especially you Paul, (a Working Guy). Don’t be afraid of being a follower, you’ll still be cool.