Vision test

Dale Langlois Deep thoughts

This is going to be a fun test of your vision, I will ask questions and you can answer in your mind. I want to make an observation.
I asked my wife how far in front of her vehicle does she look ahead. I ask you the same question.
Her response didn’t surprise me, she is a terrible driver (I love you Dear). About two football fields into the future is all she needs to see. Being a past truck driver hauling propane, gasoline, fuel oil and concrete, the distance I am used to looking ahead is far greater. It takes a lot longer to stop a truck carrying nine yards of concrete traveling at the same speed as her family car. This got me thinking.
“How far into the future do you look?” I asked.
“I live day by day,” she said. Perfectly normal.
I pointed out she does put things on lay-away and we get pellets for the woodstove before winter so maybe six months ahead would be more like it, she agreed.
Many people see ten years into the future and invest that time into building a trade or skill to be used for the remainder of their life.
A science fiction writer who wants his readers to believe his story needs to make his fictional future believable. So he follows science and predicts how the future will be affected by it.
It has been determined the carbon in the atmosphere has reached 400ppm. This one measurement is unarguably the most important data to predict what the world will be like in the future. Human cognitive skills start to decline above 500ppm. Since the industrial revolution the carbon in the atmosphere we are breathing has been increased 50ppm. I think this year’s election is proof enough that we are getting dumber and need to Keep It In The Ground.
If we don’t start looking further ahead than the next decade when it comes to fossil fuel reduction, we’re going to run this big rig right off the end of an even bigger cliff. The STOP signs are all around us. If you can’t see them, you better get your eyes examined.