Turkey season

I should be out in the spring woods trying to harvest a tom turkey on opening day, but here I sit banging on a keyboard instead of yelping and purring like a hen in heat. In my own defense, I just finished a midnight shift and am kinda tired. Too tired to get dressed and hike through the woods, but just awake enough to blabber about something.
As I watch the data, I have noticed this blog is getting much more traffic. Muses of The Beave is drawing the attention of folks from Russia, even though it has been stagnant for a year. Why? I talk about meteors and such there. They just had an event. I am learning what I write about appeals to someone.
This blog is about the process of publishing a book and what I’m going through as I go. I will bring you along as sales increase or dwindle. I will take you through the second book as well, maybe the third and fourth…or maybe I’ll just quit and tell you hunting and fishing stories.
Stay tuned for more…

Dale LangloisTurkey season