Time to get some attention.

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  Until now I haven’t contributed much to this blog, I think some of the followers of my other blog don’t even know this one exist. Now I must make it interesting. My other attempt deals mostly with science and nature news, and my take on it. This blog is going to be about my writing experiences, as well as promoting my books.
  At this point in time I have nearly eight rejections, ( all of them form letters, or no response). Being self taught, I don’t know the etiquette, I didn’t learn the most resent format to send a document. I spent my life raising a family doing any job that would pay the bills. At this point in time most of my major needs are taken care of and I have extra time to think and write about my thoughts. I think a lot. For the last six years, (give or take a year) I have been developing a new skill/hobby that fulfills me. The only way I can justify setting in front of the computer on a sunny day,  is when I get paid to do it, so I try to make my stories the best I can. The more I learn, the better my tales. Sooner than later, someone will pay me.
 Check out my blogs every now and then. We can all learn together.