The Zone

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

The time is 3:00 AM, I am at my keyboard thinking. I listen to classic rock with earbuds. This is when my awake mind connects with my dreaming mind and what I think is poetry comes out of my fingers. This is when I write best. Hey, it’s my dream.

While watching some rock opera videos to get my self in the mood to create new worlds, I notice a look in the faces of the musicians, especially when they are really getting into it; many close their eyes, many smile while others have a look of deep concentration. Each pour their souls into the part they play.

I’ve played with painting. Only enough to enjoy it, but for some reason don’t paint or draw any more. Painting and writing give me the same pleasure, especially when I’m in “The Zone.” Those of you who play an instrument or use the visual media know; when you get that chill down your spine, when you have hit that mark; a smile comes across your face when you know, without being told, you nailed it. Sometimes when you are really in the zone of creativity, you don’t even know how you came up with the change in your plans, but it works. It’s like an out of body experience, you know it happened, but the idea didn’t come from your conscious mind. Is it possible somehow you connected with your dream mind to come up with that rift or that sentence written? What about painting? No artist plans exactly what they are going to draw or sculpt; the final project is achieved while he or she is in the zone. Most time the end result is nothing like the original plan. Imagine the concentration a composer of classical music like Beethoven or Mozart needed. They didn’t have anything to record so they could listen to their thoughts in audio, they had to get deeply into the zone to imagine the sounds they wrote down on paper.

Creativity and weird people go together. Most artist look different, dress different and are kind of hard to talk to sometimes. I think we live in our dreams more than some, and that’s why we say and do things out of the norm to many . Forgive us, we see things differently than most; the only difference between crazy and creative people is, crazy people don’t write it down for all to see.