The Clock is Ticking: mid-revision progress report.

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  With eighteen chapters behind me and another twenty two or so to go, I feel pressure for the first time since I started this project. I have set a goal for around Juneish for publication.
  My Alpha team is also putting pressure on me for more reading material. I want them to push me, but I don’t want push publication so fast that my story suffers from poor writing. I’ve put to much time and effort to try to sell crap.
  I’m doing my best to make sure I have everthing covered, but the sub plots are changing: I’m adding more conflict and adding new chapters where two were deleted. I’m introducing carectures and building up those I thought I already knew. Did you know little kids had their own personalities? I guess I didn’t when I started this; I’m fixing that too.
  I am very busy today. I started my day in the hospital for my very first colonoscopy. I recomend everyone over 50 get one. (I need longevity to write all the stories I have in my head)
  My wife is home. I don’t write because I’m not useing the creative part of my brain when she’s here. It’s something more primitive.
  Tonight when she goes to Bingo I will tackle chapter 19.
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  As of today’s date, if a large object from deep space were heading our way; our best defence is still atomic weapons.
  PS: If you are wondering about my butt; it’s perfect inside and out.