The Alpha Team

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As most of you know, I write Sci-fi for the working guy. Meaning only, I write for the guys I work with. They are the ones who listen to me ramble about science what ifs. I remember the day I concieved the idea for my novel. John H., Jon W. and I were in #5 cubicle enjoying a very deseved break.
Taking advantage of a rare silence, I said “I’m gonna write a book”. That was six years ago (I’m guessing).
Thanks to John and Jon letting me spread my seeds of science. You are the first two who listened to my ideas. I’ll try to name a few of the others who inspired and helped me, please bring it to my attention if I forget someone. ….  … All the people in ingot, all the people in the potrooms, and all the people in pot repair. There’s no way I could remember all your names after two midnights; I hardly remember my own.
Of course there will be others to thank who helped me improve my art as well as understand the industry and process, but that will come at another time.
Before I send out my final revision to my editor, I am going to run it through my Alpha team. I will name each and give the reason he was picked.
1) Paul F. He is my toughest critic. He isn’t afraid to lay it on the line and is honest. Also he holds many of my beliefs.
2) Adam C. He is a very big reader and owns a Kindle, and will also be honest.
3) Mike G. Has similar credentials as the above.
4) Nick W. Again the same.
5) Brent D. Not a big reader, but gets involved in philophical discusions at work. Has different views than I do. Courisously interested.
6) Pat B. Big reader, more educated than the majority of the work force.
7) Charles C. Never reads. Average in every way. We shower together after work. Reason I picked him: I like to talk about my book in the shower.
They all serve a purpose and I thank every person who I nagged, bugged, pissed off, tormented, annoyed, and led to believe I am some what disturbed.
If it wasn’t for them, the journey would have been much longer.
My goal is publication by mid summer 2012. Kindle minimum. Maybe more.