Talk about inspiration

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  Writing this post is difficult considering my cover is done. All I want to do is look at it. The realization that a dream is about to come true is enough to overwhelm. By the time I see dollar one, it will have been seven years I’ve been at this project.
Seeing the cover, not to mention showing it, is like Christmas, Halloween and an orgasm all grouped into one. No disrespect intended to the real meaning of Christmas, I was referring to the commercialized Christmas.
Why would an immage bring so much joy to a fifty year old man? Why isn’t he out ice fishing with his buddys? Shouldn’t he be out chasing rabbits with a hound?
“At least clean out the garage,” my wife said as she left for work.
“Did I mention I am on vacation?” I rolled over and covered back up, it was chilly this morning. I had to pee, so got up around 11:00, pee’d, and went back to bed until I got hungry.
The computer is turned on and instantly I get to my little hobby. I admit, I do play poker to relieve the tension that builds up durring long hours in front of the heater, refrigerator, TV/entertainment center and of course my computer.
There was a time, I too was found in the woods or on some frozen lake durring a cold Feburary noreaster. Those days are gone. Wisdom and old age are starting to set in. I still like the outdoors, but mostly when the sun shines.
Oh yeah, did I mention the new cover? WHOO HOO!!!!!!!