Just a regular, working guy

  As you know I bounce weekly blogging ideas off my associates at work. I ask, “What do you want to know about?” I know nothing about the Ebola crisis; I don’t take political stands in public. So what do I know enough to write about? I love the natural sciences and like to educate people who might not be …

Dale LangloisJust a regular, working guy

One of those who taught me.

One of the biggest distractions for a writer is Facebook. When we are having a problem finding our muse we look to our addictions. Today I found a photo of one of my science teachers from middle school. At that time every animal or plant got its nutrition from the sun, that is what he taught. It is what was …

adminOne of those who taught me.

Hunting and trapping are personal, back to science.

  Once again I am writing to vent. The subject is Global Warming/Climate Change, or the lack there of.   Many of my friends and co-workers are Al Gore haters. As somewhat of a tree hugger, I must stand my ground, not to defend the former Vice President, but to try to teach them what I have learned about how …

adminHunting and trapping are personal, back to science.