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  Just what if we do find other life in our solar system, or other intelligent life orbiting around a star, many light years away? How would that change your view of who we are as a species? Take a look at some of the estimated numbers on this link:
  Our description of the universe as we know it has changed several times in the past, lately it seems to be changing every year.
  I study science, and am still amazed at what the findings are showing, as are the scientist making the discoveries. The human species is going to experience an overload of data coming in from our scientific experiments. The problem will not be in the collection of said data, but the explanation of what that data means to the layman.
 One problem is proving the data true enough to get it in the media. Today’s media uses most science related stories as fillers if there is nothing better to take up the time slot. I’m sure if some Reality TV celebrity fell on her ass, it would get more time. How unfortunate.
  Check out this link:
  Do we want to get to this point? Ignorance is not bliss. We must keep up. I wonder what the numbers would be if we took the same pole the Russians did. China is knocking on our door when it comes to advancing in science studies.
  I am not a political person, nor a religious man, but from my point of view, it’s time to believe in some of the data, and consider…what if they’re right. How could a monumental discovery change the way I look at my view of reality?