Signs of the apocolypse? I think not.

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March 19th in upstate New York and my tulips are already poking their heads out of ground which is normally covered by a three foot snowbank.
1)Have the seasons changed, and why are we experiencing such record heat?
2)Did you stand a broom in your house and believe it was due to solar flairs or planetary alignment?
3)Did you try to stand an egg on end because you were told it was because of the equanox?
4)Are these signs of the apcolypse the Myans predicted?
Let’s work from the last question and move to the first.
3)You can stand an egg on its end any time as long as it is at room temperature. The equanox has nothing to do with it.
2)A broom that stood once will again any time, as long as you don’t use it. If each bristle is counted, one would see there are hundreds of points of contact to the floor. When a weak bristle bends, many other bristles support the weak one. Try this in six months and you will get the same result.
1)The first question is the hardest to answer so I left it for last. Why are our winters getting warmer? Why has extream weather dominated the headlines?
I can not tell you exactly why. I can guess. I can hypothisise. I can ramble about facts I have read or have seen on TV, but it wouldn’t be enough to convince some people that we are in a time of rapid climate change. Some folks will need to live in an undergound community for ten years before they believe something is wrong.
I am going to take a different approach and ask questions.
Have you personally notice a change since you were young?
I know of a favorite fishing hole that is so choked with algee, few fish thrive in the hot summers, where once I took many largemouth bass without getting weeds on my lure. I also know a river that once teamed with brown trout and brookies; now the only fish that survives the warmer more acidic waters are chubs and rock bass.
Two years ago I started watching songbirds. According to the book I have, I should not see certain birds in my area; yet I do. These books are not ten years old.
If one can measure a difference in nature durring a human lifetime, it’s happening too fast.
It’s time to ask more questions. Make your own decisions on what you have seen with your own eyes.