Should I create another blog?

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

Last night I sat in the same stand I have three times in a row. This is against what I believe, but the beech nuts are dropping, and we did have a strong wind here last night. I knew the deer would be feeding on the abundance of mast. In fact I expected lots of other animal activity because of the edible carpet of nuts. In the distance, a turkey showed its skinny neck for a second never to be seen again. They are fair game until the 18th. I will bring in a call Friday night when my wife Charlene will accompany me to my place of worship. I watched one deer come seventeen yards from me. Two saplings separate me and a yearling doe. I would not take a shot. No venison is worth the chance of wounding one and losing it. I would rather go without, than waste such a beautiful animal. Coon poop litters my stand each time entered. I take this personally, but will not shoot one; however, I will trap one.
I am changing my style of writing for the time being. The first rule of successful writers is they write what they know. I never proclaim to be an expert at anything. I will learn till the day I die. What I am going to write about is who I am. Many will hate what I will be showing and writing about. Maybe a separate blog is needed to separate the novel, from my real interest. The nature all around me, self sustenance and the understanding of how it all works. Trapping is a skill our ancestors needed to know just to survive. I think it is something that should not go the wayside just because fashion doesn’t accept it. Today’s laws insure minimal suffering to the animals. It is a way of life for some. There is a market for it due to the emergence of the new China. Russia, Italy and other countries are taking a liking to fur. The most important reason to keep trapping alive is it could be used as a survival skill.
Learning about nature is what it is all about. Some day…you may not get a signal on your phone…ever again.