Recognizing the writing on the wall

Dale Langlois Deep thoughts

Yes, I wrote an apocalyptic novel, but never believed a scenario would come about where the survival skills in “The Second Intelligent Species” would ever be needed. This election year in the U.S. has made me rethink my thoughts.
As a so called tree hugger by some at work, the environment is the most important reason I vote, because I feel I am expected to leave my campsite the way I found it. The planet should be as livable when I die as it was when I was born. We have learned so much since then. Science has shown facts many here in the U.S. refuse to accept as truth.
My point is that no matter which of the two parties you vote for, the winner will be a set back for the environment. Hillary supports fracking, and Trump want’s to use all the oil and coal the earth holds. Either would be terrible ideas for the future inhabitants of our one planet, not to mention the nuclear fallout.
Therefore, I am doing my part to ensure the survival of the human species. I will be teaching a trapping course for the State of New York. Some think trapping is cruel. Ethics and rules take up most of the class. Trapping is a tradition for some, a second source of income for others. I feel it is a survival skill that will go the way of my grandma’s recipe for head cheese. Nobody eats headcheese anymore, but if times were tough, beavers can get you through the winter. My mother tells of when she was a girl, Grandpa harvested a porcupine, and that was their supper. Tough times weren’t all that long ago, they can come again. I must pass on what I know to the next generation.