One week report

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

I have spread my seeds of science all over the world. During a three day promotion 2126 people downloaded my novel and are now reading it. Over one hundred people in England have it in e-book form. I have received two reviews from the pro-mo, both good, and the butterflies are resting.
Two signings in the local library brought out family and friends and the editor of the local paper. His review meant more to me than the twenty books I sold. Mostly I enjoyed meeting the people who would soon be reading my work.
I am fully in the promotion stage of this project, and track every detail. I have charts and graphs to see what works and what doesn’t. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, good reads and Facebook all need to mastered.
After three days giving it away for free I made it to top 3 in science fiction adventure, 4 in science fiction and 20 something in science fiction fantasy. I expect the climb up again after the give-away will be much slower, but I am already seeing a steady rise in the book’s rank. Always shooting for number 1.
I hope you all like the read.
Thank you