Ok, strike one. Try something else.

Dale Langlois Who is the Beave?

The tag word experiment achieved nothing. What next? I’ve decided to lower the price from $3.50 to $2.99. I write “Sci-Fi for The Working Guy”, and realize we are the ones who work hard for our money. Although I’m sure $.51 won’t break anybody, I feel readers will feel more comfortable paying less than $3.00. Again this is another experiment.
As those who follow have noticed, I have bumped up the time between blogs. Give them something of value for free. What does blogging give anyone? Those interested in writing a book can learn from my mistakes or successes. All authors share information on how it’s done because they know how hard it was to get the same info when they started.
As for promotion I am thinking of a YouTube of me getting a tattoo of the title and sub-title in the most painful area there is: the ribs. My ribs have been hidden by layers of fat for more years than I want to remember. The person who is helping me with the video said I would get more viewers if I picked this vulnerable spot. I think he is just getting a kick out of how he is manipulating me towards the worst pain of my life.
Let me tell you, writing is pain, and all who do it for a living are masochist deep at heart.
To make things more interesting, I will be answering questions about my book or the writing process while I am struggling to stay focused. Another experiment.