OK, I’ve got the BULL, now what do I do?

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I’ve contacted a proven author of two books, and he’s agreed to give an interview. Questions have been asked, answers have been given. Just send it to my editor and simple as a pimple, I’m a journalist.
 (I am doing an interview—JOURNALIST). Don’t burst my bubble.
 Anyhow, being a novice to the language of the PC, I couldn’t open his response to my questions. I’m sure the fact my computer was built when a knowledge of DOS was needed just to set the clock, doesn’t help.
 I’m sure my editor will tell me that I needed to paste this, or cut that.
 Here’s my advice to every young writer out there: Become an expert at using the computer!
 Yeah, I know this is some sort of attempt at comedy, and I don’t know the term for it, but does that make it any less funny?
 I’m finding more every day, that conceiving, writing and rewriting the same story over and over again, maybe seven to ten times, is far less work than learning how to publish it without any writing experience.
  Surely after the first one is published, the next thirty two will be a piece of cake.