No longer alone.

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Since first setting up this site, a lot of things have happened. The group at the college turned out to be The Adirondack center for writing. Over the last year, I have attended several workshops in the Adirondacks; you couldn’t ask for more beautiful venues. I’ve been to conferences where literary agents and authors teach how to improve the art of writing and also explain how the industry works.
I met Russ Galen (a literary agent Giant) at one conference. One thing he said we all needed, was a platform… well here goes nothing.
I would be happy to give my story about what I’ve learned about writing. Before I became a member of the center, I knew nothing about literature, writing, or getting something published once it was completed.
At the time of this posting I have three chapters, a one page synopsis and a bio to one agent in the northeast U.S. And Mr Galen… is looking at the whole manuscript. Even if he isn’t interested, at least I feel my query letter caught his attention. And that’s nothing to sneeze at.
Another subject will be here from time to time. Since my main genre is speculative science fiction, your going to see things about certain fields of science. No vampires, no elves. You won’t see anything about zombies, dragons or trolls; just science news and maybe my take on it.
I hope my writing is always as close to scientific reality as possible.
The difference between science fiction writers and legendary sci-fi writers is: the latter was right about his foresight, in one parallel universe or another.