“namdaM a fo yraiD”

admin Who is the Beave?

“What to Hell does this mean?” you ask.
This is the tentative title of my next book.
“Why is the title written backwards in mirror image?”
Because I can write mirror image and always wondered how I could make a buck on such a strange bar-room trick. Now I think I have found a way.
I have a story about a man with a split personality who writes in a diary with his right hand. He is a good man down on his luck, has been all his life, doesn’t know why. He’s trying his best.
The opposite page is written in mirror image and presented upside down. The only way it can be read is with a mirror. This is his other side, it’s a good/evil thing. Neither one is aware of the other but the consequences of one affects both/one.
Of course this will be authenticated. I may go insane trying to write this because I have read this practice can lead one even deeper into a reclusive stage. If you notice me naming my toenails or saving my dead skin, give me a heads up.
Building a book with a mirror in the back cover will prove to be the hardest part. This will increase the cost of the book alone, but is necessary.
Leonardo De Vinci  is the most famous mirror image writer. Some think he did it so others couldn’t interpret his writings. I think he used one side of his brain for writing while the other side worked on tougher things.
I cannot even read the stuff I write. I need to hold it to a mirror too. To put it in a book so it is recognizable to the reader, the mirror image script must be printed upside down as well. The reader will be amazed at how it comes out in the mirror. This alone should create a buzz.
And then there is the story. I am looking forward to this. I guarantee this has never been done.