My new Foundations

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  This weekend I helped my carpenter lay the concrete pad for the garage floor at my camp,(new home). Two small blemishes can be seen. One was caused by me, when the bull-float broke. (Not my fault, I swear.) The second was caused by the neighbor’s cat. Its prints could be traced from one end to the other. I felt like a paleontologist looking at dinosaur footprints, trying to figure out if the cat ran or walked; and from where it came. My friend Chuck said I should tell everyone they were bobcat tracks. I determined the prints came from the black and white kitty that lived next door. It was the smaller of the neighbor’s two pets. The other one was a calico cat twice the size of the kitten who made the pussy tracks in my garage floor.
  Funny story about the calico: one of the guys working at the camp left his driver’s side window down. The cat climbed in to enjoy the warmth of the Sun. The van made it a mile down the road when both the cat and the driver discovered each other. He brought the vehicle to an abrupt stop, opened the door to throw the cat out, but the cat was three steps ahead of him. The look on his face as he described the incident can not yet be described by my ever developing writing skills, but trust me, I believed his story, even though I refused to see the scars on his inner thighs.
  “Oh that cat hates vehicles, she freaks out,” my neighbor claimed, when I asked him if he had seen the calico cat recently.
  The cat came back, but now my carpenter’s helper rolls up his windows no matter how hot it is.
  The moral of the story which has very little to do with cats is: Just because the top of the foundation may look a little skeptical, as long as you know the base is strong, those little imperfections can be worked out.
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