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When I conceived the theme of my novel, and the story developed, the idea of selling it never came to mind.
 I am at the stage where the creating process is nearing an end. My edits will be done this week.
More than once I have been called an author. Other times I struggled to find even one friend who would call me a writer. What difference does it make? There is a certain stigma involved, and I’m not sure yet exactly how to describe it to someone who is better with numbers than words.
Two or three guys I work with are landlords. They make money on the side by renting houses they have acquired throughout the years. Most of the folks I work with have other interest, but for this example, we will stick with property.
My analogy, however wrong, would be this: writers write; authors sell what they have written.
Now those who do post a blog or even a post on a social network are not selling anything most of the time, but they are still authors. Rights to intellectual properties start once pen meets paper. Property of any kind is worth money.
If a writer chooses not to sell his property, is he any less an author?
 Many writers I know are going the route of sending query letters to literary agents and publishers. Sometimes this takes years finding the right person for the job who is also in the market for your kind of book. While they wait, they are still authors who hold all rights to their intellectual properties.
Self publication is the route I took, only because my novel has an apcolyptic/dystopian theme. With the proposed end of the world on 12/21/12, I knew it needed to come out this year. I took two weeks off and spent far more money than my wife approved of, but soon I will be an author.
This is for my landlord buddies.

FOR SALE: One story, A dream. Spent seven years of my life building it from the ground up. It has a good foundation, (few leaks to my knowledge).
FOR RENT: One story dream. Affordable, easy to get into and close to home.
FOR SALE by LAND CONTRACT: One story. As the builder, I have been obsessed by this project for seven and a half years. I feel I can do no better. Must sell.

I hope you enjoy the read.
Thank you,

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