Mirror image handwriting.

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When I was in my early twenties I learned I had an unusual gift: the ability to write cursive with my non-dominant hand in mirror image at the same time as I wrote normally with my right. It wasn’t until middle age did I find out just how few people can do that.
   One of the most famous people I discovered who could write backwards was Leonardo da Vinci. I don’t know if he could write with both hands at the same time or not.
   Some dyslectic children can do it when they are young, but not as they get older. I have read it’s because a membrane seperating the right hemisphere from the left side of their brain is not fully developed, information is shared by both halfs.
   Maybe my membrane has a hole in it, but one thing I have found, is people who like to write are more prone to the talent. Do all writers have a hole in their brains? I suggest we must considering what we put ourselves through.
   If there are any writers, artist or psycopaths who can share their stories or shed some light on the subject, please comment. If there are any talent scouts, circus owners or even a neurologist who needs a lab rat out there, give me a call.