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Eight years ago I started something that changed my life. Why? I was home on disability with a bad back. New to the computer, I played games till my fingers bled. Bored with games, I looked for facts on the science stories I’ve always loved. What killed the dinosaurs? What do we know about space? What’s new in the oceans? Where did we come from? Why am I here?
Of course a few of those questions couldn’t be answered as easily as they can be asked.
I talked about what I had learned with the guys at work. I called it “spreading my seeds of science”. Soon the conversations took on more of a philosophical tone. You can’t discuss the age of the earth and the evolution of man without causing some conflict. Soon religion became a major part of our discussions. How could I talk about the things I have learned to people who believe it was all created in a different manner than I do? Politely. When we get to a point where we know the other disagrees, we don’t push the issue and move on. We know we don’t see eye to eye on some details, and never will. Teasing is accepted to a certain point.
When writing “The Second Intelligent Species”, I tried to tell a story about a mass extinction event in our future in the most believable way I could. I try to meld science and religion equally, and at the end the reader must decide why the event occurred.
It’s happened once, it could happen again.
I hope you enjoy the read.