Illusions of Grandeur

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

Some of you know and some of you don’t, I am working on another novel. 15,000 words into “The Better Bev Effect” and building. Why do I want to write another? Because I want to change the world. Because I am the only one who sees the stories I see in my dreaming mind. I’m the guy who ask: what if? I am the only one who can write these books. It is a burden I must carry.

Bullshit has a high interest rate, and one must be willing to back up claims. I’ve bent the minds of the guys I work with again till I think they have no choice but to help me finish this novel just so they can get it over with. “Beaves Beta Team,” they will be called.

The first novel, “The Second Intelligent Species” used the help of my “Alpha Team”. I thank them once again for their help.

Here comes the “Beta Team”. A bunch of guys who don’t read, don’t follow science fiction or anything science. “Sci-Fi for the Working Guy” is my motto. This is my target market. Why try to delve into this non-market you ask? I want to educate.

Speak in the language of the natives, and you will communicate. I want to tell stories of amazing futures, but make them seem as real as if my Beta Team were living them. I hope you like the read. Beave.