Hunting and trapping are personal, back to science.

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Once again I am writing to vent. The subject is Global Warming/Climate Change, or the lack there of.


Many of my friends and co-workers are Al Gore haters. As somewhat of a tree hugger, I must stand my ground, not to defend the former Vice President, but to try to teach them what I have learned about how the earth works.


Writing the kind of science fiction I like to write requires extensive research if the story is to be believable. The cause of some extinctions may never be known, but we know what caused some of them, and climate change is a major contributor. Even if Man’s pollutants are not the main cause of this “Cycle”, still shouldn’t we try not to aggravate the problem more than it is and let nature take its course?


I may make some of my friends mad for preaching, but as a science fiction writer I think about what the future of Mankind might be like. From my perspective, we have a big challenge in front of us, and if we don’t accept the data and do more, some of my dystopian stories might come true.


What worries me most are statements like the ones I heard today. “Do you think my great grandfather gave a shit for me?” or “Hey I’ll be dead by then.” If not for your grandchildren at least for the species, please do more research.


I must take a side on this.