How does an election year affect what I post? Good question.

Dale Langlois Deep thoughts, Who is the Beave?

“Should I write about politics?” I asked myself.

Beave said, “Yes, but be very careful.” I don’t always trust his decisions, especially when it comes to dealing with people. He’s okay at hunting camp or in the woods, or at a party, but his social skills need work.I did take his advice on this one, this one time. If anyone has an addiction (used exactly as the definition) to Facebook, then he knows political memes dominate. Cute kitten videos seldom appear on my friend’s pages anymore. I haven’t seen any Christmas post in a long time. Something must be so important that it cancels out these post. It must be the political atmosphere that people are interested in at the currant time. Okay, so this must be what the reader wants too. Here goes my first and hopefully last political post.

We the People, (Me and the Beave) want our new President to be one who accepts the science of Climate Change. I want our (The United States of America) new President to be one who wants world peace. As a young species only now learning who we really are, this year’s elections are the most important collective decision we (the human species) can make. Yes, only the United States is involved in this choice for our (the human species) future. We here in the U.S.A should lead the world not because we have the largest military force on the planet, capable of destroying it ten fold, making it inhabitable for life. Ignoring Climate Change, or being ignorant to it and not trying to understand it is just as bad as dropping thermal nuclear weapons in an accidental World War III. The end result will be the same, but one will take longer.

I am voting for a candidate in the primaries and in November who I trust, and think will better the planet and the species as opposed to wiping out both. Isn’t that socialism?