Have an adventure every day!

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

Sitting here enjoying the fruits of nature. Breaded chicken of the woods deep fried. How can anything taste bad when deep fried?

I am a hunter gatherer and I apologize to nobody.

Today my wife and I went fishing for about three hours. We released everything we caught due to lack of inches. Familiar? Not a failed day, but a great day on the water. Great scenery and we witnessed several large fish breaching the surface giving a great show, even though not being able to catch one.

What is an adventure you ask. I say it’s doing something out of the norm you will remember the rest of your life. Something as simple as going out to dinner could turn into an adventure. You might see something that amazes you on the way to or from your dining venue. You never know where the day or night will take you, so set a plan, follow it through and take photos for facebook.