Going on a trip, you’re coming with me.

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Talk about a crossroads. Less than a month to go before the U.S. is led by a leader few really wanted. No matter who takes the prize or how he or she got there won’t matter. Our new leader will be hated by half the country and most of the world. You bet, things are going to change. I won’t take a side for this post, but will try and plant a seed of thought into your mind.
Science fiction fans and science nuts like myself have heard of the multiverse, where every scenario is played out and everything possible is possible. Imagine two future worlds if you can, one where Trump wins, then one that has Hilary as the victor. Take the policies of each and project them into the future three years. Take your time, creating new worlds from the start is difficult but the more you get into it the easier it gets. I’ll wait here till you finish imagining both worlds.

That should have been long enough. If one subscribed to this theory of a multiverse, both worlds are possible. One: Hilary in the Whitehouse. Two: Trump as Commander and Chief. Two separate universes heading in two very real directions.
I hope I take all of you into a better universe this November when I vote.