Getting old, is in the observer

Dale Langlois Uncategorized

Glass ankles, atrophying muscles, common sense: I have the drive to go into the wild; other forces over-rule, so I go, only so deep.

At what age does an adventurer limit his or her adventures? Runners, boxers, gymnast and fashion models all must retire or at least limit their passion to teaching, once the passion of youth wanes along with muscle mass.

Even the most accomplished ballerinas at ages beyond flexibility teach dance.

Atrophy can be observed by the owner of the skin he is in. It comes fast. I observed it on my father twenty years before I recognized it on my own body.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Once you quit moving or having a purpose, you die’ or something like that. I believe it to be true.

Have adventures, no matter how weak you are. Step into the uncharted at your last breath. Shake at the fact that you have never done this before, but would like to try it again. Be brave even if it frightens you. I think this is how one stays young. I think this is what life is all about. Yes, you will be cold, sometimes miserable, often wet. Bugs will bite and swarm, but sometimes you will be warm and dry.

Hasn’t it always evened out? Have tough times on purpose to make the less tough times seem not so bad. Sleep in the rain once in a while. What don’t kill ya…