Fishermen don’t lie

Dale Langlois Deep thoughts, nature

As usual, I write after midnight shifts. Why, and how will I do it after I retire? I still don’t have those answers. This morning’s topic is once again Climate Change. A friendly text discussion between me and a high school friend inspired me to think. I posted something with Al Gore in the photo knowing very well it would bring discussion. Deniers hate Al Gore with a passion. For some reason, they think he is doing this for the money or world domination. They think all the data from all scientist are tampered with just so the researchers can keep their jobs, or some think it is part of a One World Order.

I came to the realization that maybe I should dismiss all the data from scientist. Maybe I am wrong to trust or have faith in the data received by thousands of satellites, ocean sensors and measuring units across the globe and in space. It could be scientist are all in the whole thing together. I could be wrong about the scientist. You may be surprised, but I still have an argument.

The growing season where I have lived my whole life has moved ahead in the year about two weeks. When I was young, people didn’t plant their gardens till the risk of frost was gone. Where do I get my resources? Gardeners in the area, go to a farmers market and ask anyone of the venders what they think of Climate Change. I will bet the percentage of older aged gardeners will be similar to that of climate scientist.

Northern New York is known for maple syrup. I am surrounded by people who harvest sap from maple trees every year to make the sweet treat that is only available a limited time in the spring. Stop in at a sugar house for a visit. The guys working there love to show you their setup and more than likely will have a chart on when they started the season and when they ended. Ask them about climate change.

Ask the trout fishermen who used to fish the river a mile past my home. Better yet ask me. When I first started exploring this area, I caught brown trout and brook trout each spring. These are both cold water species needing highly oxygenated water. Trout fishermen don’t come up here anymore. Chubs, smallmouth bass, and sunfish fill this river.

I am interested in the history of the Earth, and history of the life on it. Change has occurred over and over again. It’s all been cyclical up until recent times. I see bleaching of coral reefs, I see the oceans failing, their chemistries’ have changed. I see the permafrost melting in the artic, releasing enormous amounts of methane.

All scientist can’t be involved in this conspiracy. But what if they are? Maybe the gardeners, maple syrup folks and fishermen are in on it too.

If so, I never got the memo.