Evolution is not a four letter word.

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  65 million years ago, a mass extinction event ended the reign of the dinosaurs. A little less than 65 million years ago, mammals could stay out in the sun and gorge themselves with less fear of predators. I guess you would stick around and eat a little more knowing this meal won’t be your last.
  Evolution is easier to fathom when we think of anything other than man, so we won’t go there…yet. When you think in the terms of millions of years, it is easy to imagine why a herbivore would develop a long neck. Everyone knows giraffes’ necks are long so they can reach the leaves far from the reach of their competition. How about an aardvark, his snout grew to accommodate his diet. Marine mammals are one of the most amazing examples of evolution around.
  The hardest thing to grasp is the length of time needed for a species to evolve. I’ve been around forty nine years. How much of a slice is that out of a 65 million year old pie? My preferred slice of pie is about 15 million years big, unless its pumpkin with whipped cream on top, then only a 25 million year sized piece will do.
  There was another extinction event that some people might not know about. When was the last time you saw a giant sloth, woolly mammoth or a woolly rhino? Those animals no longer walk the earth, and they weren’t dinosaurs. Fact is, some were around when we lived in caves, the drawings are on the wall.
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